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Sell a house

Home Selling Process

Find your top real estate agent. 

Commit to your real estate agent and sign the listing agreement. 


Set a listing price

Strategize with your agent on a listing price. Set an accurate and strategic price that the market will support. 


Prepare your home 

Clean, declutter, and ensure that your home is show-ready. Once your home is listed on the market, expect that potential buyers will begin touring your home. 


Market and show your home 

We will advertise your property in ways that will attract the most potential buyers both online and offline. 


Receive and negotiate offers 

Review offers that come in and select the best one. We will help you weigh the strength of an offer and will provide guidance on which offer to accept. 


Complete steps to closing 

Ensure that  your  Ensure thome is ready for home inspections, clear title, complete necessary repairs, make arrangements to be out of the home by closing, and prepare for the final walkthrough.

Sign the settlement paperwork and move out 

Review your settlement statement, sign all closing documents, receive your home sale proceeds, and move out. 



Property values are hyperlocal; therefore, real estate professionals rely on comparable sales or "comps" to price homes. With this strategy, a comparative marltet analysis or CMA is used to determine a price point. Your home is compared to recently sold homes similar in size, condition and location. The price suggested by a CMA is a market-supported price that should attract the largest possible number of buyers. 



Another strategy is to look at the listing price on active comps. Pay particular attention to those currently under contract. You can make an educated guess on the sales price by how quickly the listing went under contract since being on the market. If it was relatively quicI‹, it's liltely being sold close to the listing price. 



The real estate marI‹et is always changing so be aware of where it's headed. If there are a lot of similar homes on the market and demand is not very high, you should price competitively. Conversely, if you find that there is demand or that homes sell quickly, you should set a slightly higher listing price. 

You only get one chance to maize a first impression. 

This timeless expression also applies to selling your home. Stage your home to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers and sell your property quicker and for more money. 

Here are proven tips for a successful home staging: 


Clean & Declutter 

Deep clean every part of the house from door io ceiling and everything in between. Box up and put into storage the things that you don't need on a daily basis. The goal is to make your home look new and less distracting io potential buyers. 



Remove all personal effects like family photos and refrigerator art from plain sight. keep clothes hidden and clear all bathroom countertops. Focus on fresh Add house plants to liven up your home and give it a welcoming touch. If you already have plants, keep them alive. Dead or dying plants will malte a home 1ooI‹ neglected. 


Eliminate odors and add  a  warming  scent such as  vanilla scented candles. 

Add a fresh coat oY paint to brighten rooms and give the appearance of a well-kept home. Opt for a neutral color. 


Open blinds and window shades io bring in natural light. More light makes a room feel bigger. 

Patch & Repair 


Make a DIY list of the obvious maintenance and talkie them one at a time. I-ix leaking faucets, fill holes and cracI‹s in the walls , repair doors, etc. Anything that loolts broken or in need  of  repair should be fixed. 


Rearrange furniture 

Create an open and walkable s pace so buyers can visualize their own furniture in each room. Put oversized furniture pieces in storage and get rid of damaged and odd pieces that do not match the 


Define rooms 

Clearly define each room ensuring that every space has a purpose. Even if the buyers don't want to use the rooms for the same purpose, show them that every inch of the room is usable space. 


Final touches 

Before any open house or showing, ensure that your staging efforts are maximized with a few last minute touches that will make your home warm and inviting. Put fresh flowers in vases, light  candles, put new, plush towels in bathrooms, and let fresh air into the house. 


The information on this site is not intended to be legal advice. 

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